Unique Tools For Christian Growth Help Sunday And Revival Meetings To Keep Giving, And Giving, And Giving Long After The Meetings Have Ceased!!!

Robert, with the Lords help, has developed unique, innovative and effective tools to help God’s people grow in their walk and service for Christ.

Special Sunday meetings called “Great Commission Sunday” and two to four day Revival Meetings called “Bible Transformation Revival” will not only encourage and stir God’s people to action during the meetings but with the tools of the “Gospel Tract Wallet” and the comprehensive “Bible Transformation Explosion Program” the Sunday and Revival Meetings will continue to give and give long after the meetings have concluded.

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The Gospel Tract Wallet has been a tremendous blessing to sharing Gospel Tracts with others. I now distribute far more tracts simply because I always have them with me. The more tracts I pass out the more bold I become. God’s Word is still mighty to save!

Robert Stover