270 Series

Are you thirsty?

What I mean to ask is not are you thirsty for something cold to drink to quench your physical thirst, but, I mean are you thirsty for God? David was referred to twice in scripture (I Sam. 13:14 and Acts 13:22) as a man after God’s own heart.  King David had a great desire for God.  A longing to know God in a deeper way.  A thirsting in his inner soul and spirit to know, obey, fellowship and walk with God.

The world, riches, fame, popularity, you name it, these can never bring true fulfillment, satisfaction and peace within.  The Lord Jesus, God Almighty, is the one who can quench your thirst!

THIRSTING AFTER GOD (SERIES 270) will give God’s word to encourage you to:

  2. Why do Christians get dehydrated spiritually?
  3. How others had their thirst quenched?
  4. God’s Word and Christ will completely quench your thirst.

Spiritually, through our Lord Jesus Christ and His word you can have your thirst totally quenched!  Look no further!!


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