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On September 28, 1789, just before leaving for recess, the First Federal Congress passed a resolution asking that the President of the United States recommend to the nation a day of Thanksgiving.  Likewise, on October 3, 1863 President Abraham Lincoln, expressing gratitude for a pivotal Union Army victory at Gettysburg, announces that the nation will celebrate an official Thanksgiving holiday on November 26, 1863.  We now celebrate the fourth Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day.

For the Christian, thanksgiving is not celebrated just one day out of the year but every day of the year is for giving thanks unto God.

THANKSGIVING (150 SERIES) helps Christians to:

  1. Thank God for specific blessings.
  2. Thank God for others.
  3. Thank God publicly.
  4. Pray with thanksgiving.

If you Think, then you will Thank!  Christians ought to be the most appreciative and thankful people on God’s green earth. Let God’s word lead you into a daily and continual feast of Thanksgiving!


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