240 Series

The future of our society and churches are our children and teenagers.  The strength of the upcoming generation will be found in their believing, receiving and walking in the teachings of God’s word.

TEEN VERSES (SERIES 240) will equip your teens to have God’s mindset on important issues of life.  The world’s philosophy, the devil’s trickery and personal weakness can be thwarted and overcome by God’s powerful word.  The eight subtopics for your teens are:  Trust God – God’s Strength – Do God’s Will – Work Hard – Guard Your Heart – Separation From The World – Separation Unto God – Loving God And Others!

The next generation is being lost to self, the world and the devil.  Teens are growing up and forsaking Bible precepts, the church and God Himself.  Equip your teens with the precepts of God’s word and allow the Lord to transform their lives for His glory!


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