110 Series

The attack of Satan, the world, political agendas and our own fleshly desires seek to destroy God’s first institution founded upon earth – THE FAMILY.

God’s design for the family is a marriage between a man and a woman, or husband and wife.  In addition, what a wonderful blessing of God if He brings children to that family.

STRONG FAMILIES (110 SERIES) gives verses that will help make each part of your family unit what God desires for them:

  1. Loving husbands and faithful fathers are paramount.
  2. Loving wives and caring mothers can set the spirit in a home as sweet as heaven.  Strive to make your home a heaven on earth.
  3. Children’s obedience to their parents gives a pattern of submission to the authority God has placed in their life.  Children are more apt to follow God’s authority and be in obedience to Him as they learn obedience and submission to their parents.

May the blueprint of God’s Word for your family help each family member to be a loving and strong individual part for a Christ honoring family unit!


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