130 Series

How important is it, what we believe about Jesus?  I mean, who Jesus really is?  Some cults believe Jesus was “a god.”  Notice with a little “g”.  Does it make a difference if we believe that Jesus was “a god” or GOD ALMIGHTY!  The answer is it absolutely makes a monumental difference.  The difference between heaven or hell for all eternity!  If we do not believe in the Jesus of the Bible, who the Bible says that Jesus is, then we are believing in a false Christ.

It is clear from the Scriptures that Jesus was 100% man as well as 100% GOD ALMIGHTY in the flesh.  Christ is DEITY!  Jesus Christ is the One and Only true God.  One with the Father and Holy Spirit.

DEITY OF CHRIST (130 Series) gives you Scripture that proves that Jesus Christ is GOD.  As the word of God gives the assurance that Jesus Christ is Deity you will be able to share this biblical truth of Christ’s deity with others.

Christ’s deity is shown in four specific areas: 

  1. Christ as Creator. 
  2. Christ forgives sins. 
  3. Christ referred to as God. 
  4. Christ one with the Father.


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