120 Series

At times we all need comforted.  The Lord brings situations or allows times in our lives where comfort is needed.  Where can you find this needed comfort?  Many times we turn to people or things that might seem to satisfy our need for comfort but we are still left empty and disappointed.

COMFORT (120 SERIES) gives specific help on where to find this needed comfort: 

  1. God and His Word gives comfort. 
  2. What do you say when a family member or friend loses a saved loved one? 
  3. God can give comfort in sickness. 
  4. When the difficulties and hardships of life seek to drown you, where will your strength and comfort come from?

Let God and His Word, with all His comforting promises, be that first, permanent place where you will flee to when your heart is heavy with sorrow and you need comfort!


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