230 Series

It is never too early in children’s lives to teach them the word of God and do not think it is ever too late.  Helping children memorize bible verses should be a part of their training and upbringing.

Reward your children in some small way when they memorize a bible verse.  By way of personal illustration let me share an account of rewarding my children after memorizing Psalm 139:1-24.  The commute to Carroll County Christian Academy was about twenty minutes.  I taught at the school at the time and transported mine and Regina’s three oldest children to the school.  Robert, the oldest was in fourth grade.  Jeremiah was in third grade.  And Gabriel was in first grade.  To redeem the time I challenged them, along with myself, to memorize all of Psalm 139.  A total of twenty four verses.  They had to say the Psalm word perfect, in one sitting, and all of them had to say it word perfect or none would receive the reward.  A little peer pressure.  The reward was a trip out for breakfast to Archers Restaurant, a local restaurant in downtown Carrollton, Ohio.  Any dining out was a big treat since there were, at this time, six children in the family.  Needless to say after two months everyone said Psalm 139:1-24 word perfect and we enjoyed a breakfast at Archer’s Restaurant.

CHILDREN’S FIRST VERSES (SERIES 230) shares twelve verses with twelve different subjects that are very relevant to children of all ages.


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